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Browz Training
Dubai, U.A.E

Telephone: +971 4 321 4828

To become a successful beautician creativity and originality need to be explored under the right guidance and training program.
A career in the beauty industry is a lifelong endeavour. When searching for opportunities to gain insight and training within the beauty industry, it is imperative that people start their beauty career in the right way. Browz Training offers the perfect balance of leadership, training and opportunity. They ensure that the training given will impact the rest of a person’s career positively where it can be made into a lifelong success story.
When first starting out beauticians need the support and encouragement of others which include the training school and the trainers themselves. Browz Training offers only the most highly skilled and professional trainers that will make it easier to launch a beauty career. Trainees will be fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise in microblading training in Dubai to kick-start a career in the beauty industry. Learn from the best and take the time to build a network.
There are the important steps that need to be considered at the beginning of a beauty career.
Hone cutting skills
A passion and enthusiasm for the job
Learning how to self-market

The Head of Browz Training notes, “That there are two options when launching a beauty career. The first option is to start a private salon, try new things and market the business to a clientele. The second option is to go with a franchise salon, have regular clients and a paycheck. This is a great place to start when embarking on a first-time beauty career”.
The biggest concern for many young beauticians is how to find an effective support system. It is challenging to work in the beauty industry unless there is a strong network. There should be a go-to person or mentor who can offer guidance in any kind of situation.
The Head of Browz Training further notes, “While at the beginning of your beauty career, you may take the time to get the simple things right, don’t worry, as long as you have a support team that is there to encourage and guide you. Rest assured, with our extensive training program you will soon become an awesome beautician”.

About Us
Browz Training offers a much anticipated training program in the U.A.E. With a team of dedicated trainers you can become a confident and successful therapist in your desired field. The objective is to teach up and coming beauticians your own signature style. For more information, visit our website on