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Companies and individuals market themselves on LinkedIn to improve their professional interests. Manufacturing companies can do the same by using the website’s features and connecting with potential clients, according to digital marketing agency New Perspective.

[WORCESTER, 08/23/2018] — The manufacturing industry is the lifeblood of the United States, providing materials and resources businesses require to operate. While the manufacturing industry itself is worth trillions, companies do not necessarily achieve instant success and must continue to stand out against competitors.

New Perspective, a digital marketing agency, found that manufacturing companies do not take advantage of LinkedIn’s marketing opportunities. LinkedIn allows individuals to present their educational and career backgrounds to prospective employers, and organizations to present their corporate profiles. The agency discovered that companies that show a thorough profile establish credibility, attract skilled workers, and gain business partners.

Using LinkedIn Features to Establish Credibility

Beyond creating a company account and an overview tab, New Perspective recommends adding tabs for Employees, Careers, and Products and Services. The Employees tab improves credibility by listing the talent working for the business. Those with standout employees impress potential partners. The Careers tab shows high standards to attract qualified employees and increase the trust of potential partners.

The Products and Services tab provides a thorough list of what partners will receive by collaborating with the company. New Perspective found that adding all the necessary information creates a brand identifier that helps clients create their unique selling point.

Manufacturing Companies and Inbound Marketing

New Perspective’s LinkedIn tips are useful to manufacturing companies, many of which will find innovative digital marketing strategies more effective than traditional marketing. The manufacturing industry’s traditional playbook of promotional methods, such as print ads and trade shows, are often ineffective, expensive, and unproductive. New Perspective’s LinkedIn tips provide a cost-effective strategy that has measurable success.

Companies that actively market themselves online are more likely to gain an advantage over their competitors and see more paying customers. With this and New Perspective’s other inbound marketing strategies, companies can increase lead generation.

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