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Active Mobility Systems supplies stylish and lightweight Archimedes Bath Lifts from Active Mobility Systems. The company works with NDIS in offering suitable solutions for their clients.

[SILVERWATER, 22/08/2018] – Active Mobility Systems – a trusted mobility equipment provider – supplies stylish, lightweight and actuator driven Archimedes Bath Lifts that offer maximum support and comfort. The company works with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in offering the most suitable solutions for their clients.

The Archimedes Bath Lift

For clients who need assistance in getting into and out of the bath, the Archimedes Bath Lift is the ideal mobility solution for their requirements. With its attractive and actuator driven design, the system helps sustain independent living for people with disabilities. It requires minimal cleaning and maintenance, allowing the users to focus on their specific needs.

The bath lift is light and portable for easy lifting without compromising on excellent features. It contains a full waterproof hand control, making them suitable for bathing conditions. The system provides maximum legroom that allows users to stretch out as well as a higher backrest for increased support.

Specifications include:

• Maximum user weight: 150kg
• Seat height: minimum of 7cm and maximum of 44cm
• Seat length: 44.5cm
• Seat width: 39.5cm
• Seat section weight: 5.2kg
• Base section weight: 2.8kg
• Actuator weight: 2kg

A Registered NDIS Provider

NDIS helps more than 460,000 Australians under the age of 65 with permanent and significant disability. Active Mobility Systems works with NDIS in providing the proper tools, equipment, accessories or any kind of aid people need to live an ordinary life. The business tailors their services to give their clients the needed support with their requirements, whether it is mobility equipment or special assistance.

About Active Mobility Systems

Active Mobility Systems empowers the elderly and people with disabilities of all ages through high-quality disability aids and systems. They source their products from trustworthy global suppliers, many of whom distribute their products across Australia through Active Mobility Systems. By supplying disability equipment, Active Mobility Systems hopes to help raise the quality of life of people with disabilities and mobililty impairment.

For more information about Active Mobility Systems and other product enquiries, visit their website at