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Natasha Martin’s Gold Coast Digestive Health is a well-known naturopath clinic in Ashmore, Gold Coast. Physician Natasha Martin is a holistic doctor treats the patient’s whole body in order to promote wellness rather than giving treatment for symptoms of the diseases alone. In her last 16 years as a naturopathic doctor, she had well experienced in the health industry by continuously providing successful establishments. She also monitors the past patients regularly and available to them free at any time.

Holistic Doctor

Holistic doctors trained in one or more areas of alternative medicine. They can use all types of health cares from conventional to alternative therapies. They mainly concentrate on areas like nutrition, diet, lifestyle changes, and exercises. The main difference between a holistic doctor and a conventional doctor is that the holistic doctor looks at the problems of health and disease from a whole body concept but the conventional doctors treat according to the particular disease. Additionally, they look for several ways to improve your emotional and spiritual health. Holistic doctors will also integrate with traditional medicines with alternative therapies.

Holistic Doctor at Gold Coast Digestive Health

Physician Natasha Martin specializes in digestive health also more experienced as a holistic doctor. Her passion is to identify a disease from the root and work along with the patients to the way of wellness. She also teaches the patient about the methods to live a healthy and long life. They perform various testing methods that help them to identify the patient’s present health condition. The Complete Digestive Tool Analysis is a part of Pathology Testing provides a detailed report about the patient digestive health. In addition to that, Natasha can also integrate with other conventional doctors to discuss the patient’s problem and choose the desired treatment process.

About Gold Coast Digestive Health

Gold coast digestive health is a clinic which cures all digestive problems located in Ashmore, Gold Coast. Physician Natasha Martin is the owner of this health clinic. Their digestive wellness services include Digestive Health Consultations, In Clinic Testing and Pathology Testing. They give solutions for various untreated symptoms. They charge an affordable amount for an initial consultation. Further 30 minutes or 45 minutes consultation can be scheduled by getting proper appointments. For more information, visit

13 Kurrambee Avenue
Ashmore, QLD 4214
Phone: 07 5676 5076