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Delhi State Bookseller and Publishers Association [DSBPA] and Indian Library Association [ILA]together celebrated the Librarian’s Day in the presence of Book fraternity and Librarians. The event was held at India International Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi to remember the honorary Late Dr S. R. Ranganathan. Padamshree Dr. J. L Kaul was the chief guest along with the Indian Library Association president Shahbhat Hussain and Dr Pardeep Rai General Secretary ILA to grace the occasion.

Also present to pay tribute were DSPBA President Parmil Mittal, Vice President Himanshu Chawla, Secretary Kartik Raj Kushvah.

In words of Dr. J L Kaul, Chief Guest, “In today’s digital world, we need to comprehend the value of libraries and preserve them by showing interest towards it. Preserving library collection helps record the past, explain the present, and helps in gearing up for the future. Nothing can be more engaging than a physical book. When talking about traditional books like Ramayana and Mahabharata physical copies create more effect than reading the digital edition.”

He also further explained the importance of a library and the essential role of a librarian in this fast paced world, where information is key. Digitization is necessary but some things are right when done conventionally.