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Browz Group
The Mall, Jumeirah Road
Umm Seqeim 3
Dubai. UAE

Telephone: +971 50 841 4289

A perfect pair of arches will help enhance facial features. The thickness, size, shape and position will define a person’s face. Not everyone is genetically blessed with beautiful brows. Some people have sparse brows, others lack a good shape. While eyebrows can be enhanced with a regular makeup routine it has its drawbacks in terms of not getting the arches to look perfectly done, every day. Semi-permanent makeup will give a person a perfect pair of brows which requires no touching up.
Brows are known to enhance a person’s personality. Brows can be soft, delicate or just sensible. Semi-permanent makeup in Dubai will shape a pair of brows in proportion to the rest of the facial features including the nose, eyes and cheeks. A skilled makeup artist from Browz will give the person the best brow appearance.

In terms of the brows treatment, it is a simple procedure that can be completed within 2 hours. It may be done in one or two sittings, at the most. The procedure consists of a numbing cream being applied to the area; then the actual process involves pigment being deposited. It is a very safe procedure with minimal discomfort. It is also one of the most effective forms of treatment to achieve a stunning pair of brows.

The results will be visible within the first few days. The best part about the treatment is that the brows will remain in perfect shape despite any weather condition. Semi-permanent makeup makes a person appear younger, more vibrant and refreshed. And the brows will stay in shape for years to come.
This process is also highly beneficial to people with sparse and bushy brows, those looking for ways to cover bald spots or even scars. It is a quicker way to achieving gorgeous eyebrows minus the hassle of an everyday makeup routine.

Semi-permanent makeup in Dubai requires minimal maintenance, the Head of Browz notes, “And once your brows have healed you can go back to enjoying regular life. And you get to wake up each day with well-groomed and beautifully set eyebrows”.
She further notes that, “A perfect pair of brows will create a brand new, more attractive you”.

About Us
Browz brings UK’s most talked about treatment from 3D semi-permanent makeup, high definition brows and microblading to the U.A.E. We have a team of passionate and award-winning brow experts that will flatter and flaunt your features. Become a brand new, more beautiful you! For more information, visit our website on