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IHHC’S Training programs, based on cutting-edge new protocols and technologies, ensure that its nurses earn top distinction as the very best amongst the angels in white.

India Home Health Care (IHHC), a leader in home healthcare services, has earned the distinction of “India’s most promising home healthcare service provider 2016” at the 9th Annual Edition of the Pharma leaders award ceremony, in association with the Ministry of Health & Family Affairs, Government of India. IHHC is dedicated to providing the highest quality of home care to those it serves. IHHC achieves exceptional results because of the skill and dedication of its healthcare professionals who have demonstrated an impressive ability to deliver great patient care. This recognition is a well-deserved honour for the quality of its facilities and the excellence of its training.

Obviously, nurses have been an integral part of IHHC through the years. IHHC believes its healthcare professionals to be its greatest asset. It has dedicated itself to providing all the educational and training resources it`s healthcare professionals require, to perform at their best.

All medical and nursing staff at IHHC receive industry-leading, ongoing training to advance their clinical management skills. IHHC is one of the first home healthcare service providers to utilize a simulation training laboratory, allowing its professionals to gain hands-on experience, and practice high-tech and complex care skills. Training curriculum and other specialty practices build confidence, ensuring that it’s nursing staff, confidently and expertly, deliver quality care at home.

The experience and expertise that IHHC home care nurses offer set the benchmark for establishing substantial new improvements in patient safety and care, at a relatively low cost. To allow patients to recover amongst their loved ones at home, IHHC provides nurses and caretakers, with different levels of expertise, for the gamut of health care needs including elder care, post-operative care, palliative care, critical care, new born care – to name a few – in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Trivandrum. For instance, IHHC’s elder care is designed for seniors. IHHC nurses help them with their diet, their daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, walking and mobility and giving them their medications, as required.

IHHC ensures 24/7 nursing care support at home. Within a relatively short span of time, IHHC has emerged as a trusted partner for providing home healthcare services with many major hospital groups and the medical community at large. IHHC’s collaboration with BAYADA Home Health Care (a major healthcare provider in the US) ensures the delivery of quality and advanced healthcare to the people of India. Access to BAYADA’s innovative simulation training helps prepare IHHC’s nurses for delivering the highest-quality healthcare at home.

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