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The Healthier Colorado website underscores the value of water fluoridation in its community and explains how it supports public health.

[DENVER, 08/20/2018] β€” Water Fluoridation for Healthy Communities shares ten reasons to explain how important it is to fluoridate public water, claiming this is a simple way to make everyone in Colorado healthy.

Water Fluoridation in the Community

According to Water Fluoridation for Healthy Communities, fluoride is a natural mineral that usually occurs in lakes, oceans, rivers, and wells. There are times when mountains also provide enough fluoride to make tooth enamel stronger and prevent it from decaying.

Local water providers have to follow the national guidelines implemented by the U.S. Public Health Service, which aims to support good health. Providers adjust the amount of fluoride present in the water to achieve the level needed and ensure the public consumes just enough of the mineral.

To date, approximately 74 percent of residents in Colorado have access to fluoridated water.

Why Fluoridate Public Water

Water Fluoridation for Healthy Communities enumerates ten reasons it is necessary to add fluoride to public water.

1. It is a natural way of preventing tooth decay;
2. It is a natural mineral already available in all water sources;
3. Water fluoridation is like fortifying other food and beverages. For example, it works like adding iodine to enrich salt or adding, calcium for orange juice or milk;
4. It prevents dental diseases;
5. It protects all ages against cavities and decay;
6. It is safe and effective;
7. It helps people save money. For instance, a dollar invested in water fluoridation is equal to $38 savings in dental costs;
8. Over 125 organizations recognize the importance of water fluoridation, including the American Dental Association (ADA), CDC, and the World Health Organization (WHO), to name a few;
9. Access to fluoridation continues to grow in communities across the country;
10. The ADA, a respected organization of dentists, endorses water fluoridation for dental health.

About Water Fluoridation for Healthy Communities

Water Fluoridation for Healthy Communities is a website developed by Healthier Colorado and partners. It aims to educate people about the importance of water fluoridation as a fundamental public health standard.

The website focuses on giving Coloradans accurate information and helping them understand the role of water fluoridation in the community. To know more, visit today.