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Boat owners from all over the US can protect their watercraft with durable, customized boat covers from WALK-WINN. The boat covers are made of water-repellent polyester and nylon to prevent mold and ensure utmost protection.

[LITTLE ROCK, 08/20/2018] — WALK-WINN provides customized boat covers so customers can ensure their water vehicles are well-protected against harsh weather and other elements. The covers all come with a separate outboard motor cover that doubles as a storage bag and features a tough, double-sewn center-seam that prevents leaks and rips.

Customizable Boat Covers at Reasonable Costs

WALK-WINN offers hassle-free vehicle stock cover customization at a fraction of the cost of competitors. Boat owners interested in ordering semi-custom covers only need to fill-out a computer-aided design or CAD form and submit it online through WALK-WINN’s website.

For a fully customized cover, clients can also bring their boats to the company’s headquarters for examination and measurement, particularly if they have special instructions for their custom cover. The company only requires clients to call ahead of time and schedule their appointments.

Durable Materials and Value-Added Services

WALK-WINN makes all fully customized boat covers from scratch. Boat owners can choose between a selection of colors and two kinds of cover fabrics, Poly-Tec and Sea Breeze.

The company’s most requested boat cover material, the Sea Breeze, offers protection against mildew, mold, algae, and rain infiltration. The material not only protects boats from harsh, stormy weather but also from harmful ultraviolet rays that may cause the interiors to fade.

WALK-WINN provides a one-year warranty for all its products. It will take in and repair cover tears at no cost. Moreover, the company’s boat covers are all proudly made in the USA and available for free shipping to the lower 48 states.


WALK-WINN has nearly 50 years of professional experience providing high-quality and durable vehicle covers. Customers can choose from boat covers, car covers, motorcycle covers, truck covers, RV covers, and ATV covers. The Little Rock, Arkansas-based company also offers hassle-free cover customization, boat cover and boating accessories, and hay tarps. All WALK-WINN products come with a one-year warranty, as well.

For more information or a quote for a custom boat cover, visit today.