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Scissor Tech offers a range of durable and flexible swivel shears from Matsui. 

[UNITED KINGDOM, 20/8/2018]—Scissor Tech supplies high-end, premium-quality scissors for hairdressers throughout the UK. One of their flagship products is a range of swivel hair cutting shears manufactured from world-class materials and sourced from renowned Japanese hairdressing brands.

Shears Built For Comfort and Precision 

Scissor Tech understands the strain that hairdressing scissors undergo regularly. The company aims to address these concerns by supplying high-quality scissors capable of withstanding frequent stress and tension.

Scissor Tech swivel hair cutting shears are made from premium-grade Japanese steel, often regarded as the best steel in the world. Their swivel shears provide enhanced comfort and accuracy, relieving stress from the tendons and minimising the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome from prolonged use. The enhanced movement the scissors provide gives the user freedom to experiment with more complex styles requiring movement from various angles and positions.

Matsui: A Trusted Hairdressing Brand

Scissor Tech has partnered with Japanese hairdressing brand Matsui. Matsui has built a reputation for excellence and quality, with a range of scissors that blend functionality with expert craftsmanship. Their creators prioritise durability, sharpness and smoothness for a beautiful, precise cut.

The Matsui range comes in a variety of different colours and styles, including rose gold, matte black and silver. Twin and triple sets are also available.

Scissor Tech is a certified Matsui wholesaler, allowing them to supply Matsui products at highly affordable prices. The company removes unnecessary costs while retaining each product’s warranty.

About Scissor Tech 

Scissor Tech is one of the leading providers of high-end hairdressing scissors in the UK, with stores in New Zealand and Australia. Since the company’s inception in 1998, they have consistently supplied hairdressing scissors that meet consumers’ aesthetic and ergonomic requirements. They partner with numerous internationally recognised hairdressing brands, including Matsui and Yasaka.

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