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Golden Glow Face Wash – The proportion of melanin pigment in the skin vary from place to place and climatic conditions. The sun rays and environmental elements enhance the melanin content in the skin resulting in darker skin tone. Golden Glow Herbal Face Wash contains saffron which makes the skin creamier and smoother on a whole.

Golden Glow Face Cream – Golden Glow Cream contains saffron and other potent herbal extracts, which reduce the melanin pigment of skin and makes the skin lighter and smooth by removing the dead cells.

Skin Glow Oil – 5 drops of Beauty.
Anashwara Skin Glow Oil is a blend of time tested herbs, which are useful for whitening the skin and has powerful Anti Oxidant, Anti Inflammatory, Anti Hyper-pigmentation properties and likely to reduce the release of Melanin pigment. It prevents skin discoloration, fade blemishes and improves skin complexion.