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August 2018: Knack Systems creating a positive customer engagement with SAP C/4HANA in a webinar session on Wednesday, 22 August 2018, 2 PM to 3 PM ET.

SAP recently launched C/4HANA, a solution that complements S/4HANA―the ERP suite of SAP, which has been ruling the market since the past three years.
And what we know for a fact is how the C/4HANA suite of solutions offers multiple undeniable advantages, especially to firms that wish to unlock their growth potential.
Want to learn how your peers are using SAP C/4HANA to focus on one system of record, one version of the truth, and one platform to ensure 100% customer satisfaction?
Sign up for our webinar “Transform your customer experience leveraging SAP C4HANA – SAP’s 4th-generation CRM offering” here:
Our Speakers:
Tippy Lotterer

Tippy Lotterer is part of the Pre-Sales and consulting team at Knack Systems. Before Knack Systems, Tippy served SAP North America for over 15 years as a Solution Architect, specializing in Customer Relationship Management products, including those customized for Sales, Service, Marketing, and e-Commerce.

Soraya Whitehurst Diallo

Soraya is the Director of Pre-Sales at Knack Systems. She has extensive experience working with various SAP and non-SAP cloud applications. Soraya resides in Nashville, TN.

About Knack Systems

Knack Systems is a Premium Partner of SAP with a focus around Customer Management which includes Cloud Solutions, Hybrid Solutions, E-commerce and Analytics. Knack Systems provides end to end services in SAP transformation programs including solution road-maps, implementations, integration services, roll-outs, support, upgrades, testing and package evaluations.