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Astroglia Pharma, today announced the launch of NeuroClub to provide affordable, natural remedies for lack of focus, poor memory, mental stress, and improve brain health. Mr. Phillip Mertz – Founder & CEO, NeuroClub – Astroglia Pharma Pvt. Ltd. India delivered the keynote, along with Dr. Sriraman Damodaran, Chief Scientific Officer (Washington D.C) and Mr. Aditya Shrivastava, Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Mertz highlighted the need for brain health awareness in India and how NeuroClub can help students and corporate perform mental activities more efficiently, to be happier and more successful.

Improving Brain Health is the need of the hour as more people recognize the widespread nature of cognitive deficiencies like attention deficit, learning disorders, and memory loss. According to 2018 Cigna 360 Well-Being Survey, nearly 9 out of 10 Indians suffer from stress and WHO claims 36 million Indians suffer from anxiety. Most of them don’t want to seek professional help due to social stigmas and high cost. Dr. Sriraman Damodaran, CSO, NeuroClub – AstroGlia Pharma Ltd. said “Most people don’t think about their minds, ironically. It’s the most important organ. For problems with any other part of the body, remedial means are understood. When people have trouble focusing or feel unnecessarily stressed, they don’t really think that it might be a health issue.”

Mr. Phillip Mertz, CEO, NeuroClub – AstroGlia Pharma Ltd. noted, “Stressful work culture and demanding academic pressure makes NeuroClub products a necessity for the young population. Furthermore, NeuroClub’s all-natural products can be consumed anytime, and their effects can be felt in the short term.”

NeuroClub is the over-the-counter Brain Health brand under AstroGlia. The products they are launching today are:
Metanine makes neurons more sensitive to sensory inputs. This helps sustain concentration for longer.
Seraxil relieves stress by stopping the panic response from being triggered during stressful situations.
Xance produces the protein required to maintain memories for longer.
Enkodin increases the inputs centers of neurons to improve comprehension and learning.
Myeliv protects the insulation of the wiring between neurons from alcohol and junk food consumption.
Agilin protects against age-related deterioration of enzymes in brain’s memory center.

These products are available online

About Us
Astroglia Pharma, based in Gurgoan, is devoted exclusively to developing health solutions for the Brain. When it launches on August, 17, it will offer a suite of six OTC Products through its brand NeuroClub that addresses various cognitive needs including sustained focus, the ability to store memories longer, stress-management, and protection against negative effects of alcohol. All of the products are specially formulated with natural ingredients derived from plants native to India.