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The Denver-based property management and investment company, Bergan & Company, offers home preparation, tenant screening, and ongoing services, including timely and respectful eviction services.

[Centennial, 8/16/2018] — Bergan & Company helps property owners manage their rental properties to reduce stress and, at the same time, allow them to have an easier and effective rental ownership.

The company says, “With our nearly five decades of property management experience we make your rentals thrive, both as short and long-term investments.”

A Full-Service Property Management

The property management company collects rents and deposits as well as disburses rents to property owners. The service begins with property inspection ensuring that it is in excellent condition. The team also prepares the rental property for tenants to move in. Additionally, managers will update the house, paint it, and conduct general maintenance when needed.

Bergan & Company will advise owners regarding rent estimates and other relevant matters that could increase the potential of their property. The company’s goal is not only to make a property well-managed, but also to help owners make the most out of their investment.

Moreover, a leasing agent screens every tenant through in-person meet-ups and interviews. The agent conducts background checks, such as credit history, criminal record, employment confirmation, income, and rental history.

They process the rental property evictions, as well. This way, owners will have peace of mind knowing that someone is taking care of and protecting their property.

Keeping Properties at Their Best

Apart from getting the right tenants, Bergan & Company helps owners keep their property in good shape through continuous maintenance services.

There are emergency services available to tenants for 24 hours. When tenants call the company’s hotline for maintenance emergency, a representative will take action to resolve the problem right away.

Owners will always be in the loop whenever maintenance needs completion. Owners may request for bids to take on the job, but Bergan & Company has worked with many dependable contractors.

About Bergan & Company

Bergan & Company is a property management and investment company in Denver, which has been in the business since 1961. Aside from property management services, the company also helps owners achieve financial independence by investing in real estate.

Bergan & Company manages more than 150 properties in Denver and processes rental applications in the surrounding areas. For more information, visit today.