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ViewAR, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, is a leading provider of easy-to-use, powerful Augmented Reality (AR) applications, for a wide range of application fields. ViewAR integrates different technology stacks to provide the best user experience for various mobile target platforms.

Germany-based company intelligentgraphics has been focusing on smart 3D data for years; and provides data-creation and integration tool chains to support various commercial infrastructures in the field of product configuration and e-commerce. The data can then be used from photo-realistic renderings to interactive AR/VR/MR applications.

The partnership between ViewAR and intelligentgraphics gives birth to one of the strongest joint ventures when it comes to 3D content creation and visualization for retail.

It”s now possible to create AR applications for iOS and Android applications that use configurable 3D content over an automated interface from intelligentgraphics. The apps will have access to the full feature set of ViewAR like room measuring, material switch, screenshots, saving projects to the cloud, staging, and lots more.

Imagine viewing the sofa you just saw on any website in true scale, with your desired preferences and colors, in your living room just seconds later.

An approach that is desired by more and more clients, as consumers want more than just fun from Augmented Reality, actually being interested in practical, daily-life AR/VR applications.

While there”re many useful and promising applications for AR/VR/MR, for commercial interior design of end consumer requirements, AR is a disrupting technology! This exactly is the primary focus of the announced cooperation.

About ViewAR

ViewAR™ is one of the leading Augmented Reality systems, providing the only AR-/VR-template systems for various industries. Awarded with the Auggie 2016 for “World Best AR App” it is proven, that there is no other system that combines such a large feature set with templates that fit various industries. Furthermore ViewAR has been identified as Cool Vendor by the international tech-analyst GARTNER in May 2017.

Web site:

Contact: Markus Meixner, Founder and CTO

About intelligentgraphics

intelligentgraphics has long experience in mobile and Web applications for B2B applications that consistently meet end-consumer usability requirements. It”s unique selling proposition, however, is the development and provision of technologies and services for the creation, management and application of highly parametric, realistic and even interactive 3D data, which can cooperate with existing commercial infrastructures and run in different target applications/platforms.

Web site:

Contact: Ekkehard Beier, Founder and CEO/CTO