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Fossil Neutra Chronograph Quartz FS5381 Men’s Watch is a wristwatch made for those watch mongers who will not want any fuss or trouble with the watch, yet t has to go with the style and fashion of the present day. Fossil brought in this model to cater to that segment of the watch lovers, who are classy and yet wants to be sassy. An executive looking watch which has a grey dial and black leather band with width 22mm. its wide enough to sit in the men’s wrist and the rose gold steel case makes it look even aristocratic along with the black wrist band. The price of this not so extraordinary watch is towards the higher scales. However, the 5ATM water resistance makes it good for short period swims.

Fossil Neutra Chronograph Quartz FS5381 Men’s Watch is watch which is formal wear and also can be paired with a casual jeans and t shirt too. It takes the role whatever it is assigned to with great pride. It also shows the calendar at the 4o’clock place and has three sub dials showing hours and seconds and also a 15 second measuring sub dial. Luminous hands shows time in the dark and scratch free mineral glass makes it an apt watch for the men on the go. Though it will need a change in the cells running the watch it is quite a hassle free watch.

Fossil Chronograph Men’s Watch is a watch is not very sensitive to impact and temperature changes. As long as the construction of the watch is solid, nothing can destroy the movement. This is totally opposite of automatic watches that have delicate balance wheel pivot that is very prone to impact damage.

It is also easy to lose accuracy due to temperature drops. This can be a reason to own the watch, because of its durability and the aristocratic look which gives you a matured corporate look or makes you look as a man of taste in parties. The posh golden and black contrasting color scheme adds to the minimalistic chic look. So, you can wear and tear it or gift it and pass it on too as it is durable watch too, as it comes from the house of fossil.

Bottom line: This variety Fossil Watches have been constructed keeping the medieval century architecture with a great construction, decoration and yet a minimalistic design. A chronograph dial and quartz caliber. The simple caliber and complexity makes the watch a banter free simple modeled watch with the elegance of medieval architecture.