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The UAE encourages foreign nationals and businesses to set-up companies in the Emirates. When choosing to set-up a company in Dubai it’s a pre-requisite that a residence visa is required to work and live there. This requires business persons and companies to make visa arrangements.

A residence visa in Dubai which is a temporary visa to live and work will be needed by any individual and company planning to setup their business. The process of obtaining a visa can be complex and time consuming and something that takes a lot of effort. Particularly, if this is the first time there might be a requirement to make a few trips during the process.

In order to avoid the complexities and physical appearances of getting a visa, acquire the assistance and relevant consulting services from a business consultancy firm in Dubai. They will walk their clients through the entire process, be there from beginning to end, help to fill out the forms, collect the relevant documents, and submit them to the relevant authorities and Government sectors.

One of the important roles that a business consultant in Dubai plays in the visa process is simplifying it and making it more convenient. The Head of AYS notes, “We will deal with the manual work which is tedious to begin with like preparing letters, paying fees to the bank and collecting the passports”

A visa expert has more experience and local knowledge on how the visa procedure works, particularly a local consultant. They know the process inside and out and will follow all the right protocols. It is important for an investor or company setting up in Dubai for the first time to be guided and assisted by a team of business consultants in Dubai.

The Head of AYS further notes, “Remember that your visa application cannot have any mistakes. We will ensure that your visa gets approved and that it will not only give you peace of mind but with it the excitement of starting a new business in Dubai”

About Us
AYS Consultancy supports setting up businesses in Dubai. We are there from start to finish, making sure everything is done just right, from providing business support and advice, attestation of legal documents, setting up bank accounts, visa processing and registering VAT. AYS had a number of years of experience setting up businesses that have been gained growth and success. We have a team of experts that have the right kind of knowledge and skills to overcome any obstacle. And our priority is to ensure your business is set up for success. For more information, visit our website on