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Shenzhen, China 11th August 2018) – In today’s competitive world, everyone wants to own the latest mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other such gadgets. But, to keep yourself up to date with the latest appliances, it is important that you keep changing your gadgets every now and then. While you are planning to sell your old Mac book, donating it for a good cause, or lending it to friend or family member, your device may have a lot of personal and professional information that could be really sensitive and may not be okay to share with others. In such scenarios, it is best that the data on your laptop is totally removed before you part with it. Magoshare, one of the most reliable software establishments in China, brings you the best software to erase Mac Data permanently.

AweEraser, by Magoshare, is one of the most powerful and effective Mac data erasure software that is certified to be used by Mac users to get rid of their personal data from their laptop before they give it away. With completely approved data erasure algorithms, AweEraser offers users with three different erase modes. The first mode enables users to shred any personal files and folders from SSD, hard drive, the computer, as well as ay storage device from their Mac beyond the scope of being recovered at a later stage. The second mode helps in wiping the hard drive and all external storage device securely and permanently without leaving any traces whatsoever. The third and the final mode assists in erasing data from trash bins and free space to securely remove any data that an user may have deleted before.

If a user has recently purchased a used Mac book, this powerful Mac data erasure software can also be used to uninstall any useless software that the previous owner may have downloaded but that the current user doesn’t need. Additionally, the software helps in cleaning any browser activity including cookies, passwords, junk files, and caches, etc.

Furthermore, Magoshare’s AweEraser software comes with a lifetime license code that can be transferred to any new Mac devices. Buyers of this software also get complementary lifetime updates, a chance to erase data from multiple devices, and a 30-day money nack guarantee.

About Magoshare:
A highly trusted system utility software and data recovery software developer, Magoshare was founded in 2016 in Shenzhen, China. Comprising a highly efficient and lively team of expert professionals, the company believes in providing the best software solutions in the industry. Within a span of only two years, the brand has made its name not just nationally but internationally and is now esteemed to be a highly-valued and recommended software establishment in over 80 countries, serving over 500,000 satisfied customers.

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