Applicants, who are qualified with a degree yet don’t have any substance associated with ICT, also must have at least six years of professional experience as ICT employee in any organization.

ACS RPL report Australia Skills Assessment follows some basic report format also some parameters that should be strictly followed by the candidate while submitting the Form. The Work experience has to be relevant to as for the applied discipline ANZSCO Code. This is one of the criteria in which candidates apply for RPL Assessment to showcase their skills that they acquire to be a skilled Australian Migrant.
The next category is, candidates without any tertiary qualifications, but with eight years of experience that they must have added two years of ICT skilled employment can apply for RPL Assessment. The two years of experience does not require being relevant to ANZSCO Code.
ACS RPL Skills Assessment requirements:
The Applicant must submit two project reports for RPL Assessment. One Report has to be specified with the project undertaken in the last five years. The other news comprised of details about the project underwent in the previous three years. There are specific parameters followed by ACS RPL for assessing the skills of the candidates. They are as follows.
1. The candidates need to produce the details on technologies which is used to manage files, database, and design. Also, the techniques developed to assure the quality of the projects
2. The candidate has to put forth the network topologies, network requirement and security code installed in the project
3. Individual responsibility and contribution in the designing and management of the project
4. Specific methods and techniques used in the research of the project, analysis of system and design
5. Techniques used in the Database Management, design and assurance of security and quality
6. Specify the programming languages and models which is used in the project
7. The details about the roles and responsibility in an organization previously held