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Increasing number of people have been experiencing the health benefits of the super-food acai berry. A super-food can be defined as the food that caters superior nutritional value for the amount of calories it contains. Owing to their incredible antioxidant properties, acai berries are considered as the best fruit and it also possesses number of other health benefits. According to the report published by Research Rport Insights, the market for acai berries is anticipated to expand at high double-digit CAGR to reach market valuation of approximately US$ 2.3 Bn by the end of 2026, up from nearly US$ 700 Mn in the year 2016.

The demand for acai berries was increased in the 21st century across the globe and so the acai palm tree is cultivated for this purpose predominantly. The acai plants are mainly native to Trinidad, Brazil and several other countries of northern South America. These plants generally grow in floodplains and swamps area. Acai berry species creates the major component of the diet that has been consumed by the people residing at Brazilian Amazon. In terms of weight, 42% of the total food intake has been procured by the component, which is produced by the use of acai berries.

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According to the report presented by Research Report Insights, the market for acai berries in the Latin America is slated to remain dominant in the global acai berry market. Rising demand for all-natural products in Latin America is the key reason for the growth of acai berry market in this region. Increasing preference of acai with guarana in Latin America has further boosted the applications of acai berries. Applications of acai berries in the manufacturing of nutraceuticals is also anticipated to get popular in foreseeable future. Acai berries are primarily utilized in food and beverage applications, revenue from which was anticipated to expand at CAGR of 13% in the year 2017.

Acai palms grow profusely in Eastern Brazil. However, the trees are not cut down where they grow, owing to the more profit from harvesting of these trees than cutting down them for timber. More than hundred thousand acres of rainforest has been protected as a result of harvesting of acai. In addition, over 10 thousand of Brazilian families are making living on the basis of acai harvesting.

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Acai berries are mostly used in the production of wine, which is famous in the American’s diet. Therefor an increased demand for acai berries has been experienced from the United States. Further, another major application of acai berries is in the production of cosmetics. Increasing preference of consumers towards use of organic cosmetics over artificial cosmetics has led to expansion of acai berries market. Increasing use of cosmetics from the US has been resulted into increasing demand for acai berries.

Owing to high nutritional content, the acai berries have gained traction in the manufacturing of soft drinks as well as several other beverages. Due to positive perception towards super-food, sales of acai berries has been increased in previous 3 years that comprises of increased nutritional content. Increasing awareness as well as significant shift towards healthy and active alternatives are the key factors for the increasing demand for acai berries nutraceuticals. These nutraceuticals are available in the capsule form, powder form as well as in tablet form as well.

While US-based companies such as Sambazon, Inc., Acai Roots, Inc., Nativo Acai, Acai Exotic LLC., Jamaba Juice, Inc., Sunfood, Naked Juice Company and The Coca-Cola

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