Take the Best Advice For Growing Your Business – For Funding Choose M&C Group

M&C Group, ‘The House Of Realities’, is a global company helping companies to grow as they are introduced to various forms of improvement in business. We have grown with experience doing

this over the years to bring up companies on the verge of collapse and new entities as well. M&C Group is a digital entity offering diverse suggestions to clients and helping them to grow and


We provide information and access for funding to our clients. We also prepare them to receive funding for the expansion of their businesses and pep them to apply sound financial policies. We

source to get any available new methods to the approach of our Clients’ businesses and support them in those directions to the best.

M&C Group also introduces high reputation management practices to new companies to give them sound footing for sustenance and growth. We introduce them to the fundamentals of accessing

funding for their projects and when to put in requests. The availability of these services in our corridors make us the best in our field for any company to repose confidence in us.

When it comes to GOLD supplies, M&C Logistics And Trading which is ‘The Hub Of Confidence’ under M&C Group, meets all the requirements to deal with your requests. Licensed as Purchaser,

Assayer and Exporter of Gold and any other Minerals by the MINERALS COMMISSION OF GHANA, we are capable of meeting any quantity of Gold supplies from our own sources.

These services we provide make us very special.

M&C Group is keen on succeeding with our Clients as we take extraordinary steps to providing excellent work for them. Financial Services for companies in Africa and Mining Consultancy

services are provided to needing Clients at reasonable fees to meet the pocket of even the freshly-start business owner. Our professionals do all things with passion and expertise to.

Be perfect with our inputs and grow with our expertise.

Contact Us:-

Business Name: M&C Group
Contact Person: Michael Leslie Bartlett-Vanderpuye
Country/Region: Ghana/ Greater Accra
Street Address: Plot 259, No.1 Carrot Avenue, East Legon. Adjacent the Lizzy Sports Complex
City: Accra
State: N/A
Postal Code: N/A But Postal Address is P.O. Box CT 9627 Cantonments-Accra
Phone No: (+233) 302541524, (0) 303 937359, (0) 244) 727861
Email Address: mnc@mncgroupgh.com
Website: http://mncgroupgh.com/