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Mahoney Family Dentistry’s full arch replacement is a suitable solution to full teeth replacement, which offers stability and function, unlike traditional dentures.

[SOUTH BEND, 8/10/2018]—Mahoney Family Dentistry provides comprehensive treatment and recommends the best solution to dental problems. When it comes to full teeth replacement, the dental office recommends full arch replacement. The dental implant service delivers a permanent solution to tooth loss.

The clinic adds, “Using dental implants to replace teeth will preserve your jawbone and facial appearance while giving you the stability and comfort.”

What Patients Can Expect

Mahoney Family Dentistry explains the treatment, describing several options available. Its team of dentists will work with patients in determining a course that suits them. The process involves the following:

1. Before the procedure – Mahoney Family Dentistry’s team will conduct an extensive assessment and take one or more x-rays to evaluate the appropriate treatment solution for the patient. The quantity of x-rays depends on the clarity of the patient’s teeth structure. The office says its team will take out any tooth necessary for extraction.

2. Installing the implants – The dentist will then surgically place implant posts and the temporary teeth, enabling the patient to function as normally as possible. Mahoney Family Dentistry explains that the implants require a couple of months to integrate into the jawbone before the final restoration.

3. Attaching the bridge – The final step entails the placement of the patient’s custom and permanent bridge. The installation of the bridge completes the process.

The End Result

A patient’s dental implant and bridge can look and function as if they are normal teeth, according to Mahoney Family Dentistry. The dental office tells patients they have to maintain good oral hygiene in keeping the tooth and surrounding gums healthy and clean.

The clinic remarks, “We can provide you with a permanent tooth-loss solution by way of our full arch replacement. Stable, secure, and comfortable, your dental problems will soon be over.”

About Mahoney Family Dentistry

Mahoney Family Dentistry provides quality dental care through a standard of excellence in personalized, conservative dental care. The practice focuses on preventative care and education in ensuring optimal health for its patients. With highly skilled and experienced clinicians, Mahoney Family Dentistry offers services such as general dentistry, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and sleep therapy.

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