Protect Residential Properties in Florida from Floods with Gulf Harbor Insurance

Homeowners in flood-prone areas in Florida lose thousands of dollars in damages when severe weather hits their home. Gulf Harbor Insurance goes beyond offering customized flood insurance packages and educates clients to protect their property from flood risks.

[CAPE CORAL, 08/08/2018] — Last year, Hurricane Irma caused up to $65 billion worth of property damage, with Florida residents taking the brunt of it. Given Florida’s geographic location, several parts of the state, including Southwest Florida, have flood-prone zones.

Despite this, millions of homeowners do not carry the right insurance policy and shoulder all the expenses of restoring their homes. Gulf Harbor Insurance wants to decrease incidents like these. Apart from providing the right coverage for each of its clients, the company wants to educate its clients about the importance of insurance and mitigating the risks that come with being uninsured or underinsured.

Flood Insurance and Education

Like the rest of its wide range of policies, Gulf Harbor Insurance’s flood insurance is not a one-size-fits-all package. Its agents, Rod and Lori Michaels, discuss the needs, goals, and concerns of clients before providing the best insurance options for their situation.

Beyond policies, the company seeks to educate its clients about the importance of their options. People who carry the right coverage do not need to shoulder large amounts of their money to pay for damages since their policy covers all or most of the expenses.

Residential and Commercial Coverage

Because residential and commercial properties require different needs, Gulf Harbor Insurance provides special coverage for both. Standard homeowner insurance does not cover flood damage; flood insurance adds an extra layer of protection to its clients’ home. The company extends this to all property owners and renters in houses and condominiums.

About Gulf Harbor Insurance

Gulf Harbor Insurance provides personal, automotive, flood, business, and other special insurance packages in Florida. More than just an insurance agency, it seeks to educate its clients on how to protect themselves from contingencies. The company’s agents find out the clients’ needs before offering suitable coverage options.

Operating since 2012, Gulf Harbor Insurance is a division of LRCI Inc. Its founders, Rod and Lori Michaels, are skilled and licensed agents committed to providing the best comprehensive coverage to their customers.

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