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Serving mothers and fathers in Washington, Feldman & Lee PS’ family law attorneys provide experienced counsel and litigation. By seeking paternity rights, fathers receive the right to parental time and child custody while mothers receive proper child support.

[LYNNWOOD, 08/09/2018] – Apart from the emotional bond, a legal relationship exists between a father and a child. A child has the right to certain things a father must provide, while the father has the right to make decisions for his child.

When the father’s identity is difficult to determine, or the man the mother claims is the father refuses to accept his responsibility, the parties need to seek legal paternity action. Those residing in Washington may approach the experienced attorneys of Feldman & Lee PS to get advice on the best action for their case.

Establishing Paternity

The family law attorneys of Feldman & Lee PS encourage their clients to seek action for paternity rights immediately because the results affect the parents’ obligation and the child’s rights. Parties can either establish paternity or challenge it. The law firm helps clients through every step of the process, providing information they need to know and discussing the status of their case.

Establishing paternity may require a DNA request. Both parties may make the request or, if necessary, obtain a court order. The DNA test aims to establish whether a man is the biological father of the child, or if he and the child share DNA.

However, providing the test result is not required; if the man submits an affidavit stating that the child is his, the DNA test is no longer necessary.

Rights for Fathers and Mothers

By establishing or disproving paternity, the result affects the rights and obligations of everyone involved. The child becomes the father’s dependent and is entitled to government benefits, medical insurance coverage, and financial support.

Fathers have the right to parental time with the child and have joint or full custody of the child. They also have the obligation to pay the mother child support. If they are not the father, they do not have the responsibility to take care of the child. Mothers who win their paternity cases will be entitled to receive child support from the father.

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The lawyers of Feldman & Lee PS provide clients with all their options and the necessary information to help them make the right choices for their case. No matter how complex the case is, Feldman & Lee PS will pursue the best potential outcome for clients’ interests.

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