California Drone Insurance Agency Discusses Drone Hull Coverage Policies

Insure My Drone, a California drone insurance agency, recently published a blog explaining the environmental damage that could befall a drone and how drone hull insurance can cover this damage. Drones can be extremely expensive, but whether they are used for professional or personal reasons, they should be covered by comprehensive insurance policies that can repair or replace them in the event of damage.

Hull coverage is used to fix physical damage. It protects both the drone and the equipment attached to, such as cameras, it if any component is lost or damaged. Typically, this coverage is subject to a deductible of between 5 percent and 10 percent when filing a claim. Choosing to insure your drone with hull coverage can be a smart decision that will ultimately save you money and time. Instead of using your own money to purchase a new drone, insurance can defray the costs and get you flying again in less time.

Because drones are used outdoors, they are susceptible to a wide range of potential damage. Strong winds could break components or send a drone crashing into a tree, electrical wire, or other tall hazard. In the event of sudden rain, a drone in flight may sustain water damage. A drone may also fall into a body of water, making it difficult to recover the drone for repairs. When left out in the sun or used on a hot day, a drone may overheat, causing damage to its electrical wiring. While unlikely, it is possible that a drone used in more wooded areas could be damaged by animals that encounter it. Hull coverage can provide drone owners with the peace of mind that comes from knowing instances such as these will be covered.

Insure My Drone provides comprehensive coverage for drones through aviation insurance companies. The agency offers a simple application and matches both businesses and individuals with the best coverage for them. Insure My Drone has insured drones used in a variety of industries, including motion picture, real estate, law enforcement, construction, and agriculture, among others. Speak to a drone insurance agent for more information. Insure My Drone can be contacted at 213-634-2550 or online at The agency is headquartered in Los Angeles.