Anti Phishing by Hacken

Service Details

Phishing, spear phishing, whaling, and fraudulent Google ads are only some of the numerous ways how cybercriminals may steal your sensitive data.

Hacken protects your brand name through the broad range of anti phishing services to reduce the negative impact on your customers and brand reputation.

Takedown of fake websites within 12 Hours

Hacken monitors and detects abusive domains, online forms, and emails via API technology. We offer 24/7 protection, which allows us to block and take down malicious sources quickly.

Takedown of fraudulent ads on Google and other search ads

We monitor the web and notify you every time someone mentions your brand. When criminals advertise fake versions of your product, Hacken buys out the fraudulent ads and hampers the efforts of hackers. Alternatively, Hacken contacts Google and other search engines to ensure that malicious ads get removed.

Removal of fake social media accounts that abuse your brand name

Hacken monitors fraudulent social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Slack, etc. and contacts respective websites to ensure that abusive accounts and related ads get removed.

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