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Wearing a good dress is as important as good makeup do to enhance your personality.One of the best and stylish makeups is to make smoky eyes. Before going for it you should know what smoky eye actually is. It’s not necessary to pack your whole eye with lots of black shadows. A smoky eye is a creative way to define the looks of your eye prominently. Smoky eyes give you an awesome look in little time. People love the black dress to carry with smoky and attracting eyes.Making smoky eyes is not that difficult, but it’s tricky and artistic.So if you have a creative mind you can pick the following tips easily to transform them into your art.

• The first step to create smoky eyes is to apply primer on your eyes so that your makeup doesn’t seem like smear after few hours or settle into fine lines. Applying primer will let the makeup stay long without cracking.

• The second step is to use conceal dark circles below eye by your finger.

• Then apply powder under your eyes so that it can catch particles when you apply shadows on your eyelids. After completing makeup remove the powder by tissue paper.

• Curl your lashes to add more to awesome looks.

• Make a crease along your lower lashes with a dark shadow. For this, use a small brush. You can use any color like brown, light brown, gray or green etc.

Must blend the shadow equally towards the eyebrows.

• In the Oder to avoid fine lines try to blend the shadow softly and neatly. Make an outline around your eye like a C. You can use a creamy black pencil to highlight your eye.

• Apply light color towards the inside of the eye.

• Blend the wide end of the eye like a triangle and keep the color dark at this end than the rest of the eye.

• The rule of blending is to blend everything in.

• Add shiny radiance along the corner of your eye.

• Use mate creamy or silver color.

• Apply light color below your eye brow so that your smoky eye looks prominent.

• Don’t apply shadow ahead of C line.

• Use light color ahead of C line of your eye.

• Apply eye liner and blend it with your shadow so that harsh lines disappear.

• Apply mascara for two times. First Apply light mascara and let it dry. To apply more curl adds thick mascara again.

• Now use a tissue to clean the area around your eye.

• Open your hair to give even more good looks to eyes and face.

If you are making smoky eyes for the first then remain patient and gentle. Be artistic. And try several times. Practicing will make you good at making eyes day by day.All you need is dedication and passion. With the passage of time, you will become aware of the ways that suit you the most. To see the products, please click on

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