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Delhi, August 7, 2018: Franchise India, Asia’s largest Franchising & Retailing Company is holding a workshop forbudding entrepreneurs, franchise managers, business owners and anyone who is managing their portfolio via the franchising approach. Scheduled for August 18, 2018, this workshop is an outstanding platform to understand theinnumerablephases of franchise management and how to sustain your franchising business in this age of disruption and evolution where competition exists across all borders.Mr. Gaurav Marya,Chairman and Asia’s top franchise expert, Franchise India will personally share his insight guidance at this workshop.

Mr. Marya said, “A well-executed franchise program has the ability to magnify a sound business concept into auniversal organization. If given the right direction and following the correct choices, one can ensure that his/her business is successful.”

The session will lay emphasis on how to manage your franchise business and what to look out for when doing so. The company is expecting a turnout of about 20 budding entrepreneurs and franchisers.

This session will exclusively elaborate the strategy of new innovations and philosophies in the franchise management with the objective to develop scalable and sustainable franchise model. Discussions on the success stories of business and important aspects of franchising required for potential business expansion will be a cherry on the cake.

Course Benefits
Franchising Potentials:
• Master the skills required for creating a precise, efficient and visual approach to the art of franchising.
• Strategies outlined here come from hands-on experience and will help minimize your mistakes.
• Franchisee operators are motivated to succeed.

What’s in it FOR YOU?

• This session will take you through the entire management process of a franchise from conception to maturity.
• The session will provide highlights/hacks/success stories in the franchising management sector.

City: New Delhi
Time: 9am to 5pm
Date: 18th August, 2018
Venue: Pinnacle Tower, 6th floor, SurajKund Road, Faridabad (Behind Atrium Hotel)