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Many companies actively participate in exhibitions and events to promote their products and services in the market. This gives them a chance to display their brand image in the public and attract new customers. However, to make their presence felt in the events it is very important to hire the services exhibition hosts and models who can attract the public and promote their brand in the market. Most of the companies generally hire models only on temporary basis as and when there is a requirement to fulfil their needs. But finding the freelance models in Dubai is not so easy and hence many rely on the Qatar Modeling agency to fill their temporary vacancies with the right person. This surely is an expensive option as the modeling agencies often charge a hefty service fee as well as have limited profiles for you to select a model suitable to promote your products and services in the market. Instead, you can now check out for the online temporary staffing portal Professionate which offers a common platform for both the employers as well as the aspirants looking for temporary jobs to fulfil their requirements.

Yes, you can now find the portal as the best platform to post the job vacancy and browse hundreds of models in Dubai and other countries to find the best and fill your vacancy. The portal brings you eye catching trade show models both male and female, catwalk models, event models and many more making it simply for you to go through their profile online and offer a job. All you need is to register on the portal and can list your job vacancies on the portal by paying a fee. Your job vacancies can be viewed by the models across different countries and apply directly to you for making your selection. You can also go through the model profiles listed on the portal to not only go through their details but also the ratings and reviews given by other employers making it easy for you to find the right candidate to fill in your job vacancy. Similarly, the aspirants who are looking for freelance temporary jobs can find this portal a wonderful opportunity as they need not run behind the modeling agencies but can check out hundreds of jobs on the portal that suit to their interests and apply online.

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