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One Floor Up is a video production company that talks about its process, from ideation to post-production, and why it is vital to collaborate with clients.

[DENVER, 8/7/2018]—One Floor Up offers professional video production services that aim to help businesses solve their communication problems. The company uses the right tools and skill to create videos that contribute to increasing a brand’s return on investment (ROI).

The company remarks, “With a variety of high-revenue clients on our roster, we understand the importance of successful communication systems and strategies.”

Solving Problems

One Floor Up’s creative team starts by working with clients from the ideation process to the final execution without compromising time and budget. The team gets to know each client and understands what they do, a process which helps the video production company to come up with a compelling story that echoes the business’s objectives.

After understanding what the business does, the company collaborates with clients to develop a possible solution for their brand. One Floor Up believes that collaboration helps them solve problems effectively.

The company then proceeds to the creation of the solution. One Floor Up spends enough time to achieve the right solution for each business.

Solution Process

First, it is essential for One Floor Up’s team to understand the problem and know what kind of video they need to produce. The team performs research to understand the project and business further.

The creative team then moves to the concept development process where it will brainstorm for ideas. Both the company and the client will work together to bring their vision to life. They will create a style board showcasing the brand’s identity, goals, and guidelines.

Once a concept is in place, the creative team will begin with the pre-production process as a preparation to the actual production. When everything is all set, One Floor Up captures all the elements needed for the video, then post-production follows.

The company remarks, “Creating a perfect solution for your business is why we get out of bed in the morning and why you hired us in the first place.”

About One Floor Up

One Floor Up is a full-service video production company in Denver, CO. The company consists of creative individuals including cinematographers, editors, motion graphic artists, writers, creative directors, and other relevant professionals.

One Floor Up believes that the team does not just make videos, but also builds brands and develops a distinct voice for its customers’ recognition. For more details, visit their website at