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Market Highlights:-

Europe has dominated the nuclear decommissioning market during the forecast period due to the increase in support from the government and concern from the public for the closure of nuclear power plant. North America is the second largest market of nuclear decommissioning because in his region there are various nuclear power plant that are old and required to be closed down. This increases the market of nuclear decommissioning in this region. In Asia-Pacific, countries such as Japan and South Korea owns large number of nuclear power plants. There will be increase in the nuclear accidents in this region which will ultimately result in the growth of Nuclear Decommissioning Market.

Nuclear decommissioning is a process in which the nuclear facility is destroy to an extent so that there is no requirement of radiation protection. The nuclear decommissioning removes the radioactive materials that are dangerous, hazardous to environment and time intensive. Once the radioactive materials are cleaned up there should be no radiologic danger left in nuclear facility. The major drivers that are responsible for the growth of nuclear decommissioning market are growth in nuclear accidents that are hazardous to the environment and the rising political pressure for the closure of nuclear power plants. The growing initiative by the government for the safety of environment and people also leads to the growth of these market.


Leading Key Players:-

The Key players in global nuclear decommissioning market are Areva Group (France), Babcock International Group PLC. (U.K.), Studsvik AB (Sweden), AECOM (U.S.), and Westinghouse Electric (U.S.) , EnergySolutions (U.S.), Nuvia Group (France), EDF-Ciden (U.K.), Enercon Services, Inc. (Germany), GD Energy Services-Nuclear (Spain).


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Market Research Analysis:-

The market is highly based on reactor type. Boiling water reactor is dominating the market due to the increase in the number of nuclear power plant going dismantled. The initiative for the decommissioning of the nuclear power plant by the government have also resulted in the growth of this segment. Pressurized water reactor is the second largest segment due to the increasing number of decommissioning in the forecast period.

The major drivers for the nuclear decommissioning market are growing nuclear accidents, rising political pressure, increase in safety of environment and people.

The major restraints that hinder the growth of nuclear decommissioning market is reliability of the service that is offered by this process. While dismantling there have been times when the radioactive elements had harmed the environment due to leakage. This is the major concern while dismantling.


Major Points of TOC:-

1  Executive Summary

2  Research Methodology

3  Market Dynamics

3.1 Market Drivers

3.2 Market Inhibitors

3.3 Supply/Value Chain Analysis

3.4 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis


4  Global Nuclear Decommissioning Market, By Reactor Type

4.1 PWR

4.2 BWR

4.3 GCR


5  Global Nuclear Decommissioning Market, By Strategy5.1 Introduction

5.2 Immediate

5.3 Deferred Dismantling

5.4 Others


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6  Global Nuclear Decommissioning Market, By Capacity

6.1 Industrial

6.2 Up To 800MW

6.3 800MW-1000MW

6.4 Above 1000MW