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Since our foundation in 1998 our company has only been engaged in the production Vacuum Blood Collection Product LINE, product plant. Our offer a wide range of operating speeds from 8.500 pcs units per hour and we understand that anything less than the best is good enough.
Visit our homepage to click production information firstly and then click DY-05~ DY-08 and then click flickering VOD to display video of the machine. You have good opportunity to expand your business.
Field Machinery Manufacturing
Lathe process
The screws are being made in this stage while internal and external diameter of each part are being cut as well
Milling process
Square, unevenness and partly plane are processed.
Cylinder Grinding Process
Exterior diameter is being trimmed as precisely as +-0.005-0.001.
Plane part grinding
Plane, groove and a right angle is being trimmed as precisely as +-0.005-0.001.
DY-05 Gel Filling Machine (Labelling+Gel filling)
Product Features Vacuum Blood Tube Machine Korea
DY-05” Gel Filling Dual Machine Labeling with two sizes: Collection Tube Machine 8,500 tubes/hr.
Available tubes Size:
a) Length/75mm x Diameter/13mm
b) Length/100mm x Diameter/13mm
c) Length/100mm x Diameter/16mm
d) Voltage: 380V 50 Hz
e).production process:
f) Alignment of empty tubes with feeding parts
g) Move for labelling machine
h) Marking of manufactured date, expiry date of product
j) Labelling
l) Automatic assembling on mound of 100 pieces for gel filling.
m) Moving 100 pieces into filling part by hand
n) Gel filling
Technology & Certification
ISO 90001
EN 46002
DY-06 Vacuum CAP Assembly Machine
Product Features
DY-06 Cap Assembly Machine”: internal cap (rubber) and external cap (plastic) assembling machine
Power consumption: 0.1 kW x 3p 50Hz
Capacity of machine: 7,000 pieces/hr.
Power supply: 380V/50Hz
Size of machine: W760 X L820 X H 1,420(mm)
Net and gross weight per machine: 300 kgs/350 kg
Technology & Certification
ISO14001 Auto Blood Packing Machine Supplier Korea