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For the demanding off-road adventurers or on-the-go lifesavers who need the quality and reliability of an Argo UTV without the unnecessary frills, look no further than the Argo Avenger Series at Shank’s Argo.

[Chambersburg, 8/6/2018] – Utility task vehicles, also known as UTVs or XTVs, provide multiple uses. Recreation-wise, they allow fishers and off-road travelers to pass through land and water with no hassle on their part. Lifesavers and rescue teams use UTVs to travel through difficult terrain and reach people in need of help. In such case, Shank’s Argo can provide the best-quality utility task vehicles for all your needs.

While some XTV sports features for convenience and leisure, some users do not need these and only require their durability. These include the adventurers daring to head to new heights and lifesavers who need to move at a moment’s notice. These users need one of the models of the Avenger Series available from Shank’s Argo.

Argo Avenger XTV Series

Each of the Avenger series’ 12 models is designed for maximum capacity. With eight heavy-duty wheels for maximum weight distribution, each carries up to six passengers on land and four on water. More durable models hold loads over 1,000 lbs. The rear seats are located on the sides so that the added space serves as cargo storage. Other features include:

• Bilge pump
• Full-length skid plate
• Bearing extensions
• Reversible steel rims
• One entry step

These features vary according to models, so interested buyers may choose one that best suits their needs. These are the basic features required for the standard models, allowing users to customize their XTV when they need to.

Quality Products and Reliable Customer Service

Shank’s Argo is an authorized dealer of the Avenger Series models of Argo Avenger. The shop has a reputation among XTV users as one that lives up to its high customer service and product quality, one that is difficult to equal or exceed.

About Shank’s Argo

Shank’s Argo provides power outdoor equipment users with heavy-duty UTVs in the United States and Canada. Since 1984, its team of experienced individuals allowed the business to grow into a brand known for excellent service and top-quality products.

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