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Miskas Wood Products practices sustainability and maintains a zero-waste policy in manufacturing Eastern White Pine finger-jointed Moldings.

[Georgetown, 8/6/2018] – Miskas Wood Products maintains its commitment to engineering high-quality Eastern White Pine finger-jointed Moldings while maintaining sustainable business practices. The company practices a zero-waste policy in manufacturing the finest products.

Commitment to Sustainable Practices

Miskas Wood Products developed, designed and implemented a waste management system that aims to improve the environment. The system virtually converts all its waste into wood chips that local farmers use as a natural fertilizer.

The company works with Eastern White Pine, one of the most environmentally friendly boards in the market. The renewable source, as the molding manufacturer explains, is a timber grown locally in Ontario.

People can easily use the lightweight and durable timber. The Eastern White Pine reduces transport miles which, in turn, lower the embedded carbon. The timber can naturally resist decay and does not need chemical treatments to sustain itself in the Canadian climate.

The Process

Miskas Wood Products explains how it produces finger jointed Moldings. The manufacturing process starts as it takes shorter parts of excellent kiln-dried lumber. The next step then embeds a “finger” profile in each of the short-length pieces’ end.

The manufacturing company then adds an appropriate structural adhesive and then, squeezes the pieces together to create a longer piece of lumber. Miskas Wood Products calls this type of lumber as the paint grade lumber.

The molding manufacturer lists the great advantages of finger-jointed lumber, which include the following:

• Straightness
• Dimensional stability
• Quality
• Conservation

Miskas Wood Products likes to makes things easier for its customers to help them solve their problems.

About Miskas Wood Products

Miskas Wood Products, a family-owned wholesaler, provides pine products directly to the public. Its years of experience in the manufacturing industry reflect on the quality of its finest products. The company delivers the very best in terms of service and quality to all of its customers in every transaction.

Most of Miskas Wood Products’ manufacture material available unprimed, primed and painted for customer’s installation convenience. For more information, visit today.