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Unknown exotic lumber company Ipe Woods USA takes the industry by storm and celebrates its first highly successful year. Ipe Wood’s first year’s sales were higher than expected and they certainly are in a fantastic position for future growth in the years to come

Ipe Woods USA is growing rapidly and now offers more types of lumber including Garapa, Cumaru and Massaranduba. As a fast-paced company, Ipe Woods is fueled by exceptional employees that enjoy a friendly and cooperative working environment with many opportunities for advancement as the company grows. Ipe Woods pursues long-term growth by practicing innovation, integrity and accountability, while striving to always make their customers happy.

Ipe Woods’ staff is exceptionally growing. At Ipe Wood USA, they believe that employees, through their embodiment of the Ipe Wood’s core values and their diligent daily efforts to carry out their commitments in and outside the company, will be a strong driving force behind realizing their vision and fulfilling their mission. Ipe Woods understands that employees are the cornerstone of any business and offering them opportunities to use their skills and abilities is the key to feeling connected and committed to their work.

Ipe Woods USA takes pride in meeting their commitments. Responsive, on-time delivery service is one of those commitments. Ranging from home and job site deliveries to local depot and businesses anywhere in the United States, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, the professional staff at Ipe Woods can handle your top quality lumber needs.

Ipe Woods delivers lumber to your doorstep in as little as 48 hours. They use many different carriers to ensure they find you the lowest prices and fastest delivery possible. With Ipe Woods, you can save big on the best wood money can buy.

The quality of wood Ipe Woods USA provides is exceptional. Ipe woods are one of the longest lasting woods in some cases well over 75 years and require extremely low maintenance. It is naturally mold, fungi, and bug resistant, and when compared to composites it generally lasts longer and is great for any outdoor project.

Ipe woods’ natural beauty and design versatility will add value to any project. That, combined with Ipe woods’ incredible durability will help you maintain the value of your wood investment for many years to come. The final product speaks for itself and Ipe Woods USA stands behind it with an industry leading warranty.

Ever since Ipe Woods USA was founded a year ago, customer service has been at the heart of all they do. It’s thanks to this philosophy that they’ve grown over the year to become a thriving business with clients all over the globe. Whether you’re dealing with a sales expert at their depot, a member of their accounts team or a delivery driver, Ipe Woods want you to experience a service that’s direct, helpful and transparent.

The consumer services industry is one that is consistently evolving, and as a result is increasingly hard to understand what it is exactly that the customer desires. Additionally, as a result of enhanced technology, consumers have more options at their disposal than ever before. The Ipe Woods brand is always ahead of the pack and makes an intentional effort to read the signs, adjust, and cater their services to match the wants and needs of the customer. Their customer service is second to none. They connect with their end customers directly and develop meaningful relationships with them.

Ipe Woods USA is a customer-friendly company, from which comes their dedication to satisfy the unique needs of each individual customer and their confidence in the incomparable quality of their products. By their very nature, they want to help their customers find the best solution for their business.

About Ipe Woods USA

Ipe Woods USA is an exotic lumber company which specializes in Ipe wood(s) and is committed to providing the highest quality lumber. It was named “Ipe” because that should really be the first option when using lumber outdoors.

Currently, Ipe Woods USA provides over 200 pickup locations for customer convenience or they can ship directly to your door or job site. The company was founded to provide the lowest cost, highest quality Ipe wood to customers. With multiple shipping locations in the USA, Ipe Woods can provide the least expensive Ipe and shipping to customers.

Ipe Woods is proud to be an environmentally conscious company, buying only Ipe that is sustainably sourced. While Ipe decking is not the only option they offer, from a quality, longevity and numbers standpoint, it really is the wood you should choose for your customer or for yourself. The name of the company reflects their first choice for decking.

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