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You’ll find numerous possibilities readily available when looking at beds and furniture for children’s rooms. The emergence with the internet has had a massive impact around the alternatives available to us as buyers, but with so much selection how do we chose which furniture is proper for our youngsters? Get much more information about bunk beds

The answer to this question is certainly various for just about every parent while there are some fundamental questions that you can ask yourself before you start out hunting which must ultimately allow you to make the best choice.

What Style of Bed?

The very first question is what type of bed need to I be looking for? This may well sound like an odd starting point but even one of the most standard of search around the net will reveal that there is a massive selection of makes and types of children’s beds on the market. They essentially break down as follows:

Conventional Single Beds & Bedroom Sets
Captains Beds – Slightly higher than a standard single usually with storage or a sleepover bed underneath
Cabin Beds or Midsleepers – A bed between 60 and 80cm off the ground with either furniture or a “den” underneath

Bunk Beds
Highsleeper Beds – A bed between 130 and 150cm off the ground with either space or furniture underneath
Standard style single beds and captains beds are suitable for kids of almost any age where as cabin beds suit youngsters from 4 years and bunks and highsleepers are not recommended for young children under 6 years of age. Naturally every child is various and you as a parent will know if you feel comfortable letting your child sleeping around the particular bed you chose.

The more conventional single bed with matching furniture will work in bigger rooms as will a captains bed, however if your space is small and you want to optimise the room you have then a cabin bed, highsleeper of bunks might be the way to go.

What Do You Want the Bed / Furniture to Do?

This sounds like an odd query but you’ll find a number of bed building systems on the industry which provide a flexible option for you kids. If you simply want a bed that will last your kids 4 or 5 years then you will find a lot of cheap beds around the industry that will do this job well. Though it is usually a cliché it is also true to say that you simply get what you pay for. If your goal is really a more long term solution then a building system could be the way to go.

So What is often a Building System?

Put simply this is actually a modular system that allows you change your child’s bed as they get older. They will start off as a single bed, add an extension kit and they can be changed into bunks, a midsleeper or a highsleeper. This is an excellent possibilities if you have a number of young children and you think their needs might change as they get older.


of course this is one of the most important issue when you are looking at anything for for your kids. Lots of cheaper bunks, highsleepers and midsleepers do not weigh enough to avoid “tipping”, you really should always ask whether these sorts of beds must be fixed to the wall to avoid this issue. The more expensive brands generally do not suffer with this issue. You need to also look carefully at the safety bars on the bed to ensure that they are sturdy enough to protect your child from falling and that they are deep enough to ensure they cannot roll out of a higher bed. Another issue with higher beds is the mattress depth. Traditionally mattresses are made to a depth of between 18 and 25cm. Most higher beds around the marketplace would become dangerous with a mattress towards the upper end of this scale, ask your retailer what the recommended mattress depth is on the bed before you buy a mattress.

Try the Bed Out 1st!

Despite the fact that it is easy to order online nowadays you are able to not beat seeing your kids trying out the beds just before you buy. Unfortunately there are not many places where you’ll be able to see a full range of children’s beds on display but I would always recommend that you take time to find somewhere to see the bed you are considering just before you buy it. This way you can assess whether you are happy that your kids will be comfortable using ladders or getting in and out from the bed.

Will I be Able to Add to Items in the Future?

The children’s bed / bedroom furnishings industry is ever changing and there is certainly no guarantee that what you see today is going to be out there tomorrow. Ask concerns regarding the supplier, where is it manufactured? How long have they been making it? When did they last change the range? Does the manufacturer offer a supply guarantee?

If you ask these sorts of concerns you need to be able to satisfy your self that you simply may possibly or may well not be able to add to your furniture in the future.

How Does the Furniture Arrive?

Much on the children’s beds and bedroom furniture around the market place is delivered flat-packed. As how easy it is to assemble and whether your retailer has made the beds themselves. Try to find out whether if you get stuck whilst you build your bed your retailer will be able to offer any useful advice.

Some retailers offer an assembly service, ask who it is that builds the beds when they are delivered. Some sites claim that the manufacturer will come and build the bed, this is very rarely the case. Often it is simply a courier company with a build service attached. Make sure you know what you are getting prior to you purchase an assembly service.

If the furniture is going to arrive fully assembled, make sure you have measured to ensure it will fit, not only in the room but also up the stairs! Your retailer really should be able to advise you on this aspect of your purchase.

What Happens if my Furnishings Arrives Damaged?

The fact is that sometimes furnishings gets damaged in transit. If this happens you want to know for sure which you will receive either a replacement or assistance without delay. Ask your retailer inquiries about what happens in these circumstances. How does the supplier deal with damages? How quickly would they expect damages to be replaced?

In Conclusion

So there are actually many various selections when it comes to children’s beds and bedroom furnishings. The key is to see what you are considering and to ask lots of queries. Make sure you feel comfortable with the person you are buying from. For cheaper purchases the internet is actually a great tool, however when it comes to getting furniture that will last a childhood I would recommend which you speak to an expert and ensure which you have the answers to all the concerns above ahead of you buy.