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U.S. Lawns Tuscaloosa says lawn care starts with mowing. Its landscape experts know the needs of various types of grass and understand the importance of soil and dethatching in lawn care.

[TUSCALOOSA, 08/02/2018] – U.S. Lawns Tuscaloosa agrees that mowing grass at the correct height and with consistency is essential to maintaining the health of a lawn. Its commercial landscaping services in Tuscaloosa can help keep a landscape healthy with a prolonged lifespan.

The company’s lawn experts know the varying needs of new sod and a well-established turf.

Knowing the Needs of Grass

U.S. Lawns understands the different needs of various kinds of grass. The company says warm-season grass varieties like Bermuda grass and Bahia grass have drought-resistant capabilities and can grow on all types of soils.

Commercial property managers can count on U.S. Lawns professionals to determine the kind of fertilization and irrigation programs most suitable for the varieties of grass and various growth stages.

Its lawn professionals also understand the importance of overseeding cool-season grasses such as Tall Fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, and Perennial Ryegrass in autumn to ensure these grow thick and healthy.

The Importance of Healthy Soil

U.S. Lawns emphasizes the idea that landscapes rely on healthy soil to grow and thrive. Other than proper food and hydration, the franchise says properly aerating turf can prevent weak root systems.

The commercial lawn care provider also sees heavy thatch as an element that can compromise lawn health. Although often neglected, thatch can become too thick and eventually suffocate the greenery and make a welcoming environment for pesky pests, which can destroy a lawn.

U.S. Lawns says the turf types of commercial properties rely on regular aeration and dethatching, which the franchise offers.

“We combine aesthetics, safety, and sustainability to create a landscape that works for you. Our team makes sure your plants, shrubs, and trees remain healthy throughout the year,” the commercial lawn care service says.

About U.S. Lawns

Since 1986, U.S. Lawns has been making the lives of commercial property owners and managers easier through its wide range of services. These include lawn care, lawn improvement, tree care, irrigation, and more. As the largest and fastest-growing commercial landscape maintenance franchisor in America, it has over 250 locations in nearly 50 states.

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