Santamedical Design Universal Electrode Pads For All Tens Unit

Santamedical has come up with universal electrode pads which can work with any Tens Unit of any brand. It’s safe on skin and got amazing adhesive which sticks these pads on any part of the body. With these pads, one will complimentary gel so these pads stick for longer duration works more efficaciously.

Nowadays body aches and pains are not limited to aged people but it’s increasingly prevailing in youngsters having hectic schedule and no time for personal grooming and physical activity. Later such people take help of physiotherapies, medications and other expensive treatmentswhich becomes futile if not embarked regularly. Due to this many people prefer to use Tens Unit; it’s a device giving lite electric current to reduce the body ache.

Electrode pads are very important part of this device, they are sticked with gel on the ache prone area and are intermediary between the device & the body and has to be of supreme quality for visible results. One such company producing certified health and care devices is Santamedical, the company has also designed Santamedical White Cloth Series Of Electrode Pads. These pads are very effective and can be joined with any Tens Unit, they are highly flexible endowing easily stick on any part of the body and has got solid carbon giving maximum charge and comfort to the ache prone area. These pads are white in colour and has five sheets of four electrode pads in each making a total of 20 pads in single pack. These pads are universal electrode pads and can be facilely plugged into any Tens Unit of any brand.

The company has tested it on number of people to check it’s effect on the skin and it has come out to be safe for all types of skin. Along with theses pads one gets complimentary gel which helps these pads to stick for longer duration by retaining the moisture of these pads and each set of pads can be used several timesas they have amazing adhesive on it. These pads reasonably priced and are readily available on Amazon and Walmart, so log on to any of these sites and get Santamedical Universal Electrode Pad at your doorstep.