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2 August 2018 – Matthew David Hurtado explains the meaning of tithing along with the importance to pay tithing to God’s Church in his informative video “Secrets of Tithing for Permanent Prosperity!” on YouTube. He claims that paying Tithing is crucial for everyone, who wants to be wealthy. All the arguments, advanced by Matthew David Hurtado, are based on the Bible and supported by his own experience.
There’s no question that most people are concerned about how they can become wealthy, while enjoying a stable income and feeling confident about their future. Even those, who are already wealthy, couldn’t be guaranteed that tomorrow they will be as wealthy as today. The only thing we can be sure of is our faith in God, who can help us to reach the desired wealth. To be able to set up a contact with God, it’s required to pay tithing to God’s Church and certainly give alms.
There’re lots of references concerning tithing in the Bible, which show that tithing is an essential thing for every good Christian, who expects to get the natural wealth from God. Matthew David Hurtado helps us to understand Tithing testimonies, mentioned in the Bible as well as his own life, to make us sure that the principle of generating a decent income can be quite simple.
You will never find some logic in the methods, which are used by God to make us wealthy. The truth is that the ways of God are inscrutable. However, as it is prescribed by the Bible, we have to pay Tithing to become wealthy.
In order to make us clear how tithing and offering works, Matthew David Hurtado delivers us a comprehensive Tithing sermon on YouTube. He specifies that tithings and alms are absolutely different things that should be made in different ways, while having the diverse beneficiaries. When it comes to tithing, it’s important to understand that paying a tenth part of our income, we pay to future us, while the more we give the more we get.
About Matthew David Hurtado:
Matthew David Hurtado, CEO of Complete Ascentials, is a popular inspiration speaker and author, who gives the powerful advice to everyone, whether poor or rich people, about how it’s possible to become wealthy through the power of God. According to Matthew David, one of the crucial things we are expected to do is to pay tithing to God’s Church.

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