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After raising more than $6 Million in the pre-sale phase, Feelium has successfully entered the crowdsale phase today. Owing to an all-around successful pre-sale, Feelium’s token price has been elevated from 1 USD per token to 1.2 USD per token.
Feelium aims to be a digital currency for the real world; providing a tradable asset as well as high-utility services. Feelium’s platform is built on blockchain technology which is considered as the fourth greatest technological revolution since the internet. The platform is a reliable ecosystem for online transactions with utility features designed for trust-less, border-less digital trade.
Although blockchain technology is booming today, an increasing number of services in the industry are field-specific; products for the advertising industry, for insurance, for the music industry and so on. Feelium’s services, on the other hand, can be used by any industry big or small, regardless of the nature of transactions. These services will attract a wider circle of customers rather than customers from specific industries, thus increasing Feelium’s utility value.
Feelium’s utility features are smart contracts, escrow services, and secure wallet-to-wallet transfers.
Feelium’s smart contracts are self-regulatory and free of cost. Users can choose from a wide number of templates on the platform and customize for their specific needs. An online trade would typically involve a buyer and a seller. The buyer can customize a smart contract template and send it to the seller for validation. Smart contracts are extremely useful when the two parties are separated geographically and would like to make sure that the trade conditions are met before making any payment. Once validated, the contract is irreversible; till the terms of the trade are fulfilled, no fund transfer will take place.
Feelium’s escrow services work in conjunction with smart contracts to provide a seamless intermediary service to customers. Users can place their funds in Feelium’s escrow accounts until a trade is completed. The blockchain-based escrow account will secure and lock the funds in place till all the parties involved in the trade are satisfied. In other words, Feelium’s escrow services will eliminate today’s third-party firms who mediate a trade. Strictly managed by the smart contracts, the escrow account will not move on to a further step until the conditions in the contract are fulfilled.
Feelium also provides a secure wallet-to-wallet transfer service. Transferring funds via blockchain technology is one of the safest modes of transactions available today.
Feelium’s services can support P2P, B2B and B2C transactions.

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