Want to Outsource Mobile App Development? 2 Aspects you should know.

Have you made up your mind to Outsource Mobile App Development? If Yes, then you must be wondering about the mobile app development outsourcing costs and the project success ratio. To help gain better clarity, we have enlisted some important aspects of App Development Outsourcing.

Lack of expertise, monetary advantage, time shortage are the major reasons why companies opt for mobile app development outsourcing. Whatever may be the reason to outsource mobile app development, the aspects mentioned below remains more or less the same.

The 2 most important aspects to focus on if you choose to Outsource Mobile App Development:

Factors influencing Mobile App Development cost

What type of an app do you what to develop – a Native, Hybrid, or a cross-platform?
This is a major factor influencing mobile app development cost.
The other important factors are:

1.The complexity and scope of an app
2.The number of third-party integrations
3.Level of expertise needed
4.Duration of the Project
5.Type of Database required

      (2) Mobile App Development Pricing Plans

Organizations offer a variety of app development pricing plans to suit the business needs of clients from different industries. Some commonly used pricing models are as follows:

1.Full-Time Equivalent Pricing: This is widely used for long-term projects where a client needs a dedicated developer for pre-defined hours. The rates depend upon the level of expertise and rates are often segregated as a mid-level developer, Sr. developer, expert developer, etc
2.Hourly basis Pricing: In this type of pricing model, the rates are in direct proportion to the number of hours, the developer works on your project. This is one of the most commonly used types of mobile app development pricing model.
3.Fixed Price Model: Here, the client and the outsourcing partner agree upon a certain fix price depending upon the expected outcome from the project, timelines, milestones. This type of pricing model is a perfect fit for small and medium-size projects.

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