Ultrasonic Diathermy Market Progresses for Huge Profits During 2018 – 2028

Ultrasonic diathermy products or therapies produce high frequency sound waves that travel deep into the tissues and create gentle therapeutic heat. The machine produces heat within the body tissues for the treatment of pains, joint contractures and muscle spasms and to heal deep inflammatory diseases. However, it cannot be used for the treatment of malignancies. It is a non-invasive and drug free treatment which is effectively used to treat joint pains and muscle pains. Mechanical waves produced by ultrasonic diathermy enhance the circulation of tendons, ligaments and muscles. Moreover, the mechanical waves produced enhance the transportation of fluids by compression and rarefaction forces. The ultrasonic diathermy machine acts on the tissues, improves the cellular environment and increases the kinetics in tissues as nutrients are transported and waste is removed.

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Ultrasound Diathermy machines are effectively and harmlessly used to provide relief against pain and reduce stiffness. The machine facilitates penetration of ointments into the skin, which improves the circulation and healing process. The technique has gained quick acceptance as a user-friendly technique owing to the growing patient pool across the globe. In addition to the fact that these machines grant higher efficiency to the whole process due to their advanced technological aspects, they are also portable and easy to carry. Owing to all of these factors, the Ultrasonic Diathermy Market is expected to witness fast growth during the forecast period.

Factor Driving the Ultrasonic Diathermy Market

The global Ultrasonic Diathermy market is expected to be driven by advancements in technology. Key drivers in the market are increasing cases of joint pains, muscle spasms, arthritis, back pain and osteoporosis, among people. According to a report by CDC (Center of Disease Control and Prevention), between 2013 and 2015, an estimated 54.4 million US adults (22.7%) were suffering from arthritis. With growing demand and expanding patient pool, the healthcare expenditure is increasing to improve hospital infrastructure, which is one of the major factors expected to drive the ultrasonic diathermy market. The Ultrasound diathermy machines are small and compact and can be carried anywhere and can work as standalone systems and portable devices as well. They are used in many clinical segments, as they are non-invasive in nature, lack ionizing radiation and can soothe and relax spasm and pain. However, these devices cannot be used if the patient has any implanted medical device, malignancy or healing fractures.

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Regional Market Outlook

North America followed by Europe are the dominant regions in the global ultrasonic diathermy market mainly due to the fact that end users are becoming more open towards such non-invasive devices. In North America, the U.S. is the dominating country in the Ultrasonic Diathermy Market due to the high penetration of technologically advanced products. Economic conditions in the APAC as well as the growing geriatric population in the region are set to drive the ultrasonic diathermy market. APAC is the fast-growing region due to rising awareness among people. Latin America is also expected to grow at a considerably high CAGR due to rising healthcare expenditure to enhance patient compliance. Growth in Middle East and Africa is considerably less when compared to the other regions. However, North America would maintain its position in the ultrasonic diathermy market and emerging economies, such India, China and Brazil, are expected to witness high growth in the Ultrasonic Diathermy Market.

Examples of some of the major key players operating across the value chain of the Ultrasonic Diathermy market are Johari Digital Healthcare LTD, Ibramed, Globus Italian Excellence, BTL., Zimmer MedizinSysteme GmbH, Johari Digital Healthcare, DJO LCC, ZetrOZ, Inc. and ASTAR.

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Ultrasonic Diathermy Market: Overview

The Ultrasonic Diathermy market is consolidated with very few players operating in the global space. Growing geriatric population and increasing number of patients suffering from arthritis combined with improved technology are some of the factors expected to create high demand in the Ultrasonic Diathermy market. The treatment effectively treats joint pains and muscle pains by enhancing the circulation of muscles tendons and ligaments.