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Rapid Plas provides a complete set of rainwater tanks manufactured according to established industry standards.

[TAMWORTH, 8/1/2018] — Rapid Plas provides durable and lasting water storage solutions across New South Wales and South East Queensland. The company supplies a complete set of large rainwater tanks for residential, agricultural, and commercial purposes.

Certified, High-Performance Water Tanks

Rapid Plas’ premium water tanks are a sturdy water collection solution built with efficiency in mind. The tanks are and manufactured to the highest standards, and are AS/NZS 4766 certified. Each tank is built using Rapid Plas’ own polyethylene, which the company processes and grinds itself under highly controlled conditions. Rapid Plas only uses virgin, food-grade polyethylene resin developed locally.

Rapid Plas’ tanks come with numerous features and benefits, depending on the model. Commonly shared features include pumps, connection fittings to link tank to pump, a stainless steel strainer, an overflow kit, and a dust cover.

Tanks come in the following sizes:

● 7,000 L
● 9,000 L
● 10,500 L
● 14,000 L
● 22,500 L
● 22,500 L (low profile)
● 25,000 L
● 27,000 L
● 32,000 L

Rapid Plas tanks are sold either separately or in packages. The company also delivers their water tanks for free.

Benefits of a Rapid Plas Water Tank

Rapid Plas aims to deliver results and lasting solutions to residents, farmers, and industrial operators in Queensland and New South Wales. Their water tanks come in secure, solid designs that can withstand adverse outdoor conditions.

Each tank comes with a stainless steel Strong Arm roofbeam for added structural integrity. They are all moulded as one-piece tanks, free of any joints, seams, and part-lines on the walls. All tanks have two 1.5″ outlets installed at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock ends. They also come in a wide range of Colourbond colours and UV20 rated hexane polyethylene for added sun protection.

About Rapid Plas

Rapid Plas provides a wide range of water storage tanks for commercial, residential, and agricultural purposes. Their products are suited to harsh Australian weather conditions.

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