Wound Debridement Products Market Share, Statistics, Trends, Segmentation Analysis and Forecast to 2023

Technological developments, has opened up new vistas and Wound Debridement Products are not an exception to this trend. “Market Research future” released its latest report titled “Wound Debridement Products Market Research Report- Forecast to 2023” to clear the ambiguity and tap into the opportunities generated from the Technological shifts. The report offers a detailed understanding of the paradigm shift that is both threatening and exiting!

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Key Players:

Vital participants operating with the global wound debridement products industry are ArthoCare Corporation, Advanced Medical Solutions Group, Smith & Nephew Plc, and MediWound Ltd. The conventional market could register a decent absolute dollar prospect over the forecast period. The said fact will be ascribed to India and Africa’s huge population choosing conventional products due to their cost-efficiency.    

Market Analysis:

The global wound debridement products market is anticipated to grow at a single digit CAGR during the forecast period. Wound debridement is a process to eliminate foreign invaders, dead tissues, and toxic substances from human wounds. Wound debridement products aid in lowering poisonous materials that prevent wounds from getting healed. Growing aged population & serious wounds propel the market.

Moreover; widening product usage, chronic illnesses, & patient-base drive the industry. Cost-efficiency of wound products and demand for advanced medical facilities also contribute to industry growth. On the contrary, financial recession across some parts of the globe hampers the market. Awareness regarding injured tissues has urged patients to take debridement steps. The said factor has boosted industry revenues.

Manufacturers are developing a wide range of products, like scalpels and pads to treat minor wounds. Innovative plans are underway to entice customers into knowing more about these products. The worldwide industry is segmented into products, end-users, and geographies.

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Segment Insights:

The products market will occupy more shares due to high adoption in homecare and hospitals. End-users include cardiac centers, multi-specialty clinics, hospitals, specialized clinics, nursing units, and ambulatory surgical wards. Hospitals are the biggest end-user and likely to capture the maximum shares by 2023. Specialized clinics and ambulatory surgical wards should observe “more than average” growth in the forecast period.

For businessmen and those investing in the market, hospitals are appealing & a bright opportunity. Regionally, the wound debridement market is split into Asia Pacific, Europe, Americas, and the Middle East and Africa. Americas, chased by Europe, accounts for the largest shares owing to higher advancements & medical expenditures. Apart from these factors, its burgeoning diabetics & geriatric base propel Americas.

Asia Pacific is reported to display huge growth in the coming years. Its growth would be attributed to the use of innovative products and need for improved medical technologies. Regional patient-base and expanding medical infrastructure can also contribute to its high CAGR. Moreover, expanding economies & demographics across emerging nations, like China and India are predicted to drive Asia Pacific.

Surge in the need for wound bed preparation and awareness on “timely wound care” advantages may provide novel prospects to the global market. In addition, the popularity of home-wound management and advancements in various technologies can broaden the scope of this industry. Mergers & acquisitions, need for lesser hospital stays, products innovations, and partnerships are some of the key trends that are being noticed.

Cutting-Edge Products and Players:

With depressing “wound mortality” news doing the rounds, researchers have been emphasizing the creation of smarter wound care products. These products intend to contain the infections and treat injuries. “Axio Biosolutions,” a Bangalore-based Indian company is busy creating a new emergency wound hemostat. Lately, the firm also launched a dressing, namely “Axiostat.” It is gaining recognition in the defense forces and civil hospitals for combating traumatic bleeding.

A leading UK wound management firm recently got an FDA approval for its innovative wound dressing, “KerraCel AG3+.” Another US based company, “Organogenesis” developed a product, “PuraPly.”  It adopts antimicrobial PHMB and collagen as a protection that coupled with biofilm debridement prevents microbial growth and brings about quick recovery. As described, the global wound debridement products market is competitive, with numerous participants endeavoring to do better.

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