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Businesses need reliable filling and conveyance equipment in their production lines to keep up with consumer preferences on food and beverage packaging. Volumetric Technologies offers its products and services.

[CANNON FALLS, 7/31/2018] – Volumetric Technologies, a Minnesota-based manufacturer of filling and packaging equipment, provides filling machines and conveyors designed to increase the efficiencies of food and beverage businesses. The company innovates with its products and offers options for each type of equipment it provides.

Helping Businesses Keep Up with Customer Preferences

Experts at Research and Markets have praised the country’s food and beverage industry for the “maturity” of its top packaged beverages and food products; and yet, businesses need to keep an eye out for other creative, innovative ways to package their goods. RSM US, an international financial and industry consulting firm, says consumer preferences are changing and businesses need to adjust accordingly to survive the competitive marketplace.

RSM US’s recommendation is reasonable. Researchers from the US Department of Energy and Michigan State University found that consumers now pay more attention to how their food and drinks are packaged. Also, 32 percent of Millennials identify themselves as “environmentalists,” says Pew Research. They prefer consumer-packaged goods that use eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

These facts imply that food and beverage businesses need to invest not only in sustainable packaging but also in machinery that will enable them to meet demand. Volumetric Technologies offers its services for this purpose.

Customizable Liquid Filling Equipment and Conveyors

For over 25 years, Volumetric Technologies has been providing food and beverage companies with filling and bottling line equipment. These products are flexible and can accommodate a wide range of drinks and food, including soups, condiments, dairy products, and seasoned meat. Its food grade conveyors, meanwhile, help speed up production lines by delivering products to various points in the production line. They are also versatile and may be configured to be horizontal, vertical, inclined, or declined.

Volumetric Technologies made its equipment compatible with both manual and computer-controlled systems. It also customizes its products to integrate seamlessly with existing filling lines and conveyor systems.

About the company

Volumetric Technologies is a filling and packaging equipment manufacturer supplying machinery and accessories to various industries. Its clients include industrial bakeries, food and beverage companies, and manufacturers of household and industrial products. Besides filling equipment and conveyors, it also builds cup machines, depositors, and transfer pumps.

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