Virtual reality is here to serve your creativity

For the last probably decade, digital creativity sector has been showing an amazing growth claiming the right to be called one of the most vibrant in creative economy. Its annual worldwide market capitalization is $500 B. Want to find out how can content creators make a buck in this rapidly changing and promising landscape? Read on.

A game-changer for the creative content marketplace
One of the sticking points disabling digital creators from getting worthy reward for their efforts is tightened government regulations dictating whom, in which amount and even currency, and under what conditions gets the cash.
Actually, it was, because there is a solution that leaves behind all restrictions and boundaries. Just two simple words: blockchain and cryptocurrency. What do they offer to virtual creative society?

Set yourself up for success
In this new virtual world, content creation can be decentralized, while its distribution ensured without any financial, legal, creative or technological boundaries. And the reward for published creations will be paid through a new payment model, in the form of high value tokens.
One such platform, PocketCon created by Gaia Online, gives creators the potential to earn what they deserve through the creation of PocketCoin (POC) token, a cryptocurrency designed to facilitate growth and development of digital content. In addition, thanks to being based on blockchain, the transactions inside the network is rapid and verified, and it is easier to convert tokens into traditional currencies.

Join the global creative marketplace reshaping revolution
It’s a fascinating concept. A POC token is designed based on blockchain technology to serve as a decentralized, transparent and fully secured virtual currency protocol enabling all activities on open digital content marketplace, donations, crowdfunding campaigns, and reward programs through PocketCon ecosystem.
POC token can be used by content creators and their fans as in-game currency that fuels all the transactions. Their safety and easiness is ensured through tokenization model, one of the most advanced methods of data protection that leverages the benefits of blockchain technology.
Shortly and in simple words, it protects personal information and financial transactions through transmitting data in encrypted form. In the field of e-commerce, it is one the most actively used technology promising to become massive in the nearest future.

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