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The Global Oilseeds Market report 2018-2024, has been prepared By Axiom Market Research & Consulting, based on a deep market analysis with inputs from industry experts. This report covers market Competitive landscape, size, trends, strategies, merger and acquisition, key players, segmentation, production, revenue and its growth prospects over the forecast period 2024.
Oilseeds are major source of oils for human nutrition and an increasing proportion is also being utilized for industrial purposes. Oil seeds are generally used to extract edible oil for households and food industry. The processing of oilseeds includes crushing of oilseeds manually or through mechanical process to obtain edible oil. The global market is estimated and forecasted in terms of revenue (USD million) and value (Million hector) generated by the market. The growth of the oilseed market is governed by increased demand for demand for vegetable oil from biodiesel industry and increased household consumption in emerging countries and growing foodservice industry. However, reduction in the rate of plantation and shortage of oilseeds are the major factors hampering the growth of this market.
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Market Segment Based on Oilseed Type, Product, Type, can be divided into:
The report analyses the global oilseeds market into oilseed type, product, type and geography. Based on oilseed type the oilseed market is segmented into copra, cottonseed, palm kernel, peanut, rapeseed, soybean and sunflower seed. Based on product the oilseed market is bifurcated into animal feed and edible oil. Oilseeds are mostly used in to produce edible oils used in household and commercial sector. The oilseeds are mostly used in the manufacturing of animal feed to enhance the nutritional value of the feed. Based on type, the global oilseeds market is categorised into genetically modified and conventional seeds.

Scope & Analysis of the Report Based on Geography:

By geography, the global oilseeds market is studied across the countries of key regions such as, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the world. Rest of the world includes Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. North America region accounted for the largest share in the oilseed market in 2017.

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Global Oilseeds Market Is Led By Leading Players:
Archer Daniels Midland Company, Bayer AG, BURRUS SEED FARMS, The Dow Chemical Company, DuPont, GANSU DUNHUANG SEED CO., LTD, Cargill, Incorporated, KRISHIDHAN SEEDS PVT. LTD, KWS SAAT SE, Syngenta, BURRUS SEED FARMS, Gansu Dunhuang Seed Co Ltd, Hefei Fengle Seed Co Ltd and Land O’Lakes, Inc.
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