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Global IT company Veritas has crowned Condo Protego as the “Most Worthwhile Partner” within the Middle East and Africa in the current Veritas Channel Awards. Get much more information about veritas partner

Condo Protego, which has the region’s highest market place share of Veritas details management solutions, also won “Enterprise Partner in the Year – Gulf”. This was the first awards due to the fact Veritas when once again became an independent company this year.

In an fascinating experiment, Amer Chebaro, Regional Director – Emerging Europe, Middle East, Africa at Veritas, requested the entire audience to stand, after which sit down as he counted the amount of years that audience members had been affiliated to Veritas. Once he reached 10 years, (when Veritas was previously independent) several crucial Condo Protego team members made up the majority of those nonetheless standing.

“Winning the Veritas awards signifies our in-depth expertise, practical experience and long-term commitment to Veritas. We appear forward to further sharing global best practices on information management and business innovation with our clients, and to expanding our business with Veritas.” mentioned Andrew Calthorpe, CEO, Condo Protego.