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The Senior Helpers Fair Oaks provides excellent senior care services that help aging adults live with independence. The company’s caregivers help seniors continue their daily activities with considerate assistance.

[CALIFORNIA, 7/31/2018] – Seniors may find it difficult to do their usual daily activities, even the personal ones. Some conditions may even require a heavy kind of assistance. The Senior Helpers Fair Oaks offers its senior care services to give the older adults the help they need while still letting them live independently.

The senior home care serving in Carmichael and surrounding areas aims to deliver high-quality dependable and affordable home health care. It has proudly served the local community since 2002.

The Basic Level of Care

The Senior Helpers Fair Oaks has a team of certified and experienced caregivers. These caregivers offer intimate and non-medical assistance through Companion Care.

This basic level of care allows older adults to enjoy life in Fair Oaks. It is through this service where caregivers deliver meaningful companionship.

The caregivers of Senior Helpers Fair Oaks also help seniors run errands. They also help in terms of other kinds of general help such as meal preparation and medication reminders.

The Advanced Level of Care

The Personal Care program of the Senior Helpers Fair Oaks delivers the advanced level of care. This service addresses any issue an older adult may have when it comes to everyday activities.

Seniors may receive respectful assistance from the company’s caregivers with matters like:

• Bathing
• Dressing
• Grooming
• Toileting

A Wide Selection of Senior Care Services

Other than Companion Care and Personal Care, the Senior Helpers Fair Oaks also offers other programs meant to suit the varying needs of seniors. A great example is Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care. This program offers help that’s fitting to the condition of those suffering from cognitive illnesses.

Parkinson’s Care, on the other hand, refers to the kind of program with assistance tailor-fit to the needs of the illness’s changing needs.

The other types of services offered by the Senior Helpers of Fair Oaks include the following:

• Disease Management
• Full Service Listing
• Senior Gems
• Surgery Assistance & Sitter Services
• Veteran Services
• Wellness Watch

“Our senior home care services in Fair Oaks and in Carmichael preserves the right of older adults to live independently in their homes,” the elderly care provider shares.

About Senior Helpers

The Senior Helpers exists to provide excellent senior home care services. The senior home care provider serves as a reliable source of qualified and trained caregivers. The company’s team of caregivers looks after the need of each older adult. Each service offered aims to enhance a senior’s quality of life.

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