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Market Overview:-

Fuel cells electrochemically combines hydrogen and oxygen, so as to generate electricity, heat and water as a by-product. Unlike, batteries, fuel cells uninterruptedly generate electricity as long as a source of the fuel is supplied. Fuel cells do not burn fuel, making the process silent, pollution-free, and up to two to three times more effective than combustion technologies. A fuel cell structure can be a genuine zero-emission source of electricity when it utilizes hydrogen created from non-polluting sources such as, water electrolysis process.

The fuel cell has a quite same resemblance as of a battery in which electrochemical reaction occurs as long as the fuel is available. Hydrogen is preserved in a pressurized container and oxygen is extracted from the atmospheric air. The electrochemical reaction does not involve any combustion in the process thus, no harmful emission occurs. The hydrogen and fuel cells market is principally driven by various factors such as growing demand in the telecommunications, automotive and residential micro-CHP sector, and reduced dependence on conventional energy sources. However, shorter durability of the fuel cell is expected to withhold the market growth over the forecast period.


Industry Major Key Players:-

  • FuelCell Energy, Inc.
  • Plug Power Inc.
  • Intelligent Energy Holdings plc
  • Hyster-Yale Group
  • Ballard Power Systems.
  • Doosan Fuel Cell
  • Nedstack fuel cell technology BV.
  • Hydrogenics Corporation

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Major Points From TOC:-

1 Executive summary

2 Market Introduction

3 Research Methodology

4 Market Dynamics

5 Market Factor Analysis

5.1 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis 29

5.1.1 Threat Of New Entrants 29

5.1.2 Bargaining Power Of Suppliers 29

5.1.3 Threat Of Substitutes 29

5.1.4 Bargaining Power Of Buyers 30

5.1.5 Segment Rivalry 30

5.2 Supply Chain Analysis 30


6 Global Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Market, By Type

6.1 Overview 33

6.1.1 Air-Cooled Type 33

6.1.2 Water-Cooled Type 33


7 Global Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Market, By Application

7.1 Overview 37

7.2 Stationary 37

7.3 Transport 37

7.4 Portable 37

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